Saturday, July 17, 2010

In zee old days...

When I was a little munchkin, my one wish was to fly. For years I hoarded bird feathers that I found and collected them in a cereal box. My mum promised me that she would help me sew them all together into a flying suit when I had acquired enough, and I would often carry the box with me wherever I travelled in order to collect as many as possible. From the age of about 4 till I was 7, I faithfully stored feathers in my box, but never seemed to be able to gather enough, until one day I stopped believing and threw all my feathers away. It saddens me that I gave up on my dream so easily and I wish I had at least kept my collection, but perhaps I will start another one. I plan to get a tattoo of a feather on my foot however, as it is a symbol that seems to reoccur regularly in my life. I suppose I just yearn to be in the air. Free.

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