Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 25 - Your day in great detail

Today, I told myself I would get up and out of bed at 9:30. This was not true, I only found myself in the shower at 10:20. I made feeble attempts at looking presentable and drove with mum to the Katoomba Centrelink office - I am now the proud owner of a fortnightly Youth Allowance payment.
After this we went to the op shop where I found the most wonderful bike ever put into existence, $10. I immediately bought it, however as mum had already done one nice thing for me today she proceeded to scream at me in the street about how ridiculous it was and how she wasn't going to let me have it because I was probably going to hurt myself and then she'd have to take care of me... How awful for her. So I was forced to take the bike back, and I didn't even try to ask for my money back (who asks for money back from a charity?).
On a lighter note, I was invited to a party on Saturday night by my brother, which will be tremendously fun. I deserve at least one party these holidays, I mean, it's holidays!
We got home at about 2 and I immediately commenced making a coconut cake that Mitch had given me the recipe for. It was so strange. When it came out of the oven it looked like a souffle and smelled absolutely divine, but upon closer inspection it appeared that all the egg had sunk to the bottom and formed some kind of coconut flavoured omelette... hmmm.
After that, I pretty much just chilled for the rest of the night (aka facebooked for several hours), and now here I am.

Sorry, my days are quite interminably boring.

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