Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 01 - Your Favourite Song

The fact that I can't even do the first challenge makes me think this is not going to end well. I don't have a favoutite song of all time, because my tastes and mood are constantly changing. At the moment though, I am particularly enjoying listening to Angus & Julia Stone, Bon Iver, Lisa Mitchell, Coldplay and Regina Spektor.

When I listen to any of these artists' beautiful melodic tunes, my heart feels as though someone has poured pure joy into it. I feel like dancing and running and going for long walks at sunset. They are helping to calm me during a period in my life where I am stressed so so much of the time, about everything and nothing.
I feel like I'm not coping, and my body can tell - I am currently enjoying a lovely mix of blocked nose, sore throat, cold sores and other lady issues. I feel like my physical self can tell that my mind is going through so much stress, and therefore feels like it needs to react in many awul and additionally stressful ways.
I need to crawl into a warm cushioned hole and stay there until everything blows over and life is peachy again. Except I know that it won't work.

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